1. Your new committee is Peter Swift (HP), Peter Drake (HVP), Tony Davies (HT), Tony Hunt (HS), Ron Darwent, Les Corfield and Chris Gibson.
  2. Pete Swift has retained the job of Hon Circular Editor and Bob Driskell Recruitment Officer (as well as Keeper of the Web).
  3. The Club Website is Bob is seeking lots of new hits.
  4. Subs are unchanged and are now due (£13).
  5. The various suggestions on the future of the Club and organisation of meets submitted to Bob were discussed in detail. Thanks to those who contributed ideas. The conclusion was that at the moment the current Full Members are fulfilling their responsibilities to organise and lead Meets and that no benefits could be seen in altering these arrangements for the time being. However the situation will be monitored and if at some time in the future the number of Full Members drop towards levels where the frequency of having to organise a meet becomes too much of a burden the activities of the Club would have to be reviewed.
  6. The CPRE Sheffield have formed a new organisation called Friends of the Peak District The Committee have been requested to investigate recommending to next years AGM resignation from the national CPRE and affiliation to this new group.
  7. The BMC group membership fee is rising again by £1 per head from! January 2003.