Club History

Club history
The Barnsley Mountaineering Club was formed on 2nd February 1946.   Its main activities were in the Peak District of Derbyshire.   Every four weeks meets were held either camping or Youth Hostelling from Friday Evening to Sunday evening.   These were mainly in the vicinity of the gritstone crags.Eventually the club had the use of a barn near Hope railway station which was converted by our own members to suitable standard but was soon lost when the farmer required it.   We then got a twenty-year lease on “Wood Cottage” situated up the Snake pass which became our second High Peak base.

The rules at that time were strict and stated that members had to attend all meets or explain their absence to the committee.  We were always a responsible club having close relationships with the local community in the Snake valley.  

We held litter clean up sessions at the local gritstone crags and in the Snake Valley.   We also enjoyed annual football matches with the local young farmers.

The club was actively engaged in the consultancy process leading to the formation of the Peak District National Park putting forward the views of climbers, fell walkers and mountaineers.   When the Park was formed in 1951, the first in Britain, our members took part in the voluntary wardening, as laid down in the act.   Wood Cottage was used as the base for wardens on Bleaklow. 

As the years passed our activities spread further afield and we ran buses to Wales, the Lakes and Scotland.   These were very popular indeed but were overtaken as members acquired their own forms of transport.   Other outdoor activities came in such as skiing, caving, canoeing and sailing and the club became more tolerant of kindred pursuits.

Now, after 60 years, members have climbed in most mountain areas of the world in all continents, giving pleasure, excitement and experience to satisfy our members’ needs.

Ron Darwent